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I deal with static resources.
Function isDangerous Undocumented
Class Data This is a static, in-memory resource.
Function addSlash Undocumented
Class Redirect Undocumented
Class Registry I am a Componentized object that will be made available to internal Twisted file-based dynamic web content such as .rpy and .epy scripts.
Function loadMimeTypes No summary
Function getTypeAndEncoding Undocumented
Class File No summary
Class FileTransfer A class to represent the transfer of a file over the network.
Class ASISProcessor Undocumented
def isDangerous(path): (source)
def addSlash(request): (source)
def loadMimeTypes(mimetype_locations='/etc/mime.types'): (source)
Multiple file locations containing mime-types can be passed as a list. The files will be sourced in that order, overriding mime-types from the files sourced beforehand, but only if a new entry explicitly overrides the current entry.
def getTypeAndEncoding(filename, types, encodings, defaultType): (source)
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