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Method fill_properties Fill in values for my properites.
Method fill_bases Undocumented

Inherited from Visage:

Method __init__ Place a new Visage of an explorer in a canvas group.
Method fill_property Set a value for a particular property.
Method fill_attributeGroup Provide members of an attribute group.
Method signal_event Undocumented
Method signal_size_allocate Undocumented
Method signal_destroy Undocumented
Method _setup_table Called by __init__ to set up my main table.
def fill_properties(self, propValues): (source)

Fill in values for my properites.

Takes a list of (name, value) pairs. 'name' should be one of the keys in my propertyLabels, and 'value' either an Explorer or a string.
def fill_bases(self, baseExplorers): (source)
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