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Known subclasses: twisted.manhole.ui.spelunk_gnome.ClassAttributeWidget, twisted.manhole.ui.spelunk_gnome.FunctionAttributeWidget, twisted.manhole.ui.spelunk_gnome.ImmutableAttributeWidget, twisted.manhole.ui.spelunk_gnome.InstanceAttributeWidget, twisted.manhole.ui.spelunk_gnome.MappingAttributeWidget, twisted.manhole.ui.spelunk_gnome.SequenceAttributeWidget

A widget briefly describing an object.

This is similar to a Visage, but has far less detail. This should display only essential identifiying information, a gtk.Widget suitable for including in a single table cell.

(gtk.Widgets are used here instead of the more graphically pleasing gnome.CanvasItems because I was too lazy to re-write gtk.table for the canvas. A new table widget/item would be great though, not only for canvas prettiness, but also because we could use one with a mone pythonic API.)
Method __init__ A new AttributeWidget describing an explorer.
Method getTextForLabel Returns text for my label.
Method signal_destroy Undocumented
Method signal_buttonPressEvent Undocumented
Method _makeWidgetObject Make the GTK widget object that is me.
def __init__(self, explorer, parent): (source)
A new AttributeWidget describing an explorer.
def getTextForLabel(self): (source)

Returns text for my label.

The default implementation of AttributeWidget is a gtk.Label widget. You may override this method to change the text which appears in the label. However, if you don't want to be a label, override _makeWidgetObject instead.
def _makeWidgetObject(self): (source)

Make the GTK widget object that is me.

Called by __init__ to construct the GtkObject I wrap-- the ._o member of a pygtk GtkObject. Isn't subclassing GtkObjects in Python fun?
def signal_destroy(self, unused_object, unused_data): (source)
def signal_buttonPressEvent(self, widget, eventButton, unused_data): (source)
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