Time out this Deferred by scheduling it to be cancelled after timeout seconds.

The timeout encompasses all the callbacks and errbacks added to this defer.Deferred before the call to addTimeout, and none added after the call.

If this Deferred gets timed out, it errbacks with a TimeoutError, unless a cancelable function was passed to its initialization or unless a different onTimeoutCancel callable is provided.

Parameterstimeoutnumber of seconds to wait before timing out this Deferred (type: int)
clockThe object which will be used to schedule the timeout. (type: twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorTime)
onTimeoutCancelA callable which is called immediately after this Deferred times out, and not if this Deferred is otherwise cancelled before the timeout. It takes an arbitrary value, which is the value of this Deferred at that exact point in time (probably a CancelledError Failure), and the timeout. The default callable (if none is provided) will translate a CancelledError Failure into a TimeoutError. (type: callable)
Returnsself. (type: a Deferred)
Present Since16.5
Function timeItOut Undocumented
Function convertCancelled Undocumented
Function cancelTimeout Undocumented
def timeItOut(): (source)
def convertCancelled(value): (source)
def cancelTimeout(result): (source)
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