No class docstring
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method opt_group Specify a group which should exist
Method opt_passwd Name of a passwd-style file. (This is for backwards-compatibility only; you should use the --auth command instead.)

Inherited from Options:

Method opt_help Display this help and exit.
Method opt_version Display Twisted version and exit.
Method parseOptions The guts of the command-line parser.
Method postOptions I am called after the options are parsed.
Method parseArgs I am called with any leftover arguments which were not options.
Method __str__ Undocumented
Method getSynopsis Returns a string containing a description of these options and how to pass them to the executed file.
Method getUsage Undocumented
Method _generic_flag Undocumented
Method _gather_flags Gather up boolean (flag) options.
Method _gather_parameters Gather options which take a value.
Method _gather_handlers Gather up options with their own handler methods.

Inherited from AuthOptionMixin:

Class Variable supportedInterfaces An iterable object that returns credential interfaces which this application is able to support.
Class Variable authOutput A writeable object to which this options class will send all help-related output. Default: sys.stdout
Method supportsInterface Returns whether a particular credentials interface is supported.
Method supportsCheckerFactory Returns whether a checker factory will provide at least one of the credentials interfaces that we care about.
Method addChecker Supply a supplied credentials checker to the Options class.
Method opt_auth Specify an authentication method for the server.
Method opt_help_auth Show all authentication methods available.
Method opt_help_auth_type Show help for a particular authentication type.
Method _checkerFactoriesForOptHelpAuth Return a list of which authTypes will be displayed by --help-auth. This makes it a lot easier to test this module.
def __init__(self, *a, **kw): (source)
def opt_group(self, name): (source)

Specify a group which should exist

def opt_passwd(self, filename): (source)

Name of a passwd-style file. (This is for backwards-compatibility only; you should use the --auth command instead.)

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