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Reflection APIs which have been ported to Python 3.
Class _NoModuleFound No module was found because none exists.
Function _importAndCheckStack No summary
Function _determineClass Undocumented
Function _determineClassName Undocumented
Function _safeFormat Helper function for safe_repr and safe_str.
def _importAndCheckStack(importName): (source)
Import the given name as a module, then walk the stack to determine whether the failure was the module not existing, or some code in the module (for example a dependent import) failing. This can be helpful to determine whether any actual application code was run. For example, to distiguish administrative error (entering the wrong module name), from programmer error (writing buggy code in a module that fails to import).
RaisesExceptionif something bad happens. This can be any type of exception, since nobody knows what loading some arbitrary code might do.
_NoModuleFoundif no module was found.
def _determineClass(x): (source)
def _determineClassName(x): (source)
def _safeFormat(formatter, o): (source)
Helper function for safe_repr and safe_str.
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