t.w.c.A.request(self, method, uri, headers=None, bodyProducer=None) : method documentation

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Issue a new request.
ParametersmethodThe request method to send. (type: str)
uriThe request URI send. (type: str)
headersThe request headers to send. If no Host header is included, one will be added based on the request URI. (type: Headers)
bodyProducerAn object which will produce the request body or, if the request body is to be empty, None. (type: IBodyProducer provider)
ReturnsA Deferred which fires with the result of the request (a twisted.web.iweb.IResponse provider), or fails if there is a problem setting up a connection over which to issue the request. It may also fail with SchemeNotSupported if the scheme of the given URI is not supported. (type: Deferred)
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