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Compatibility module to provide backwards compatibility for useful Python features.

This is mainly for use of internal Twisted code. We encourage you to use the latest version of Python directly from your code, if possible.

Function inet_pton Undocumented
Function inet_ntop Undocumented
Class tsafe No class docstring; 1/1 classes documented
Class attrgetter Undocumented
Function execfile Execute a Python script in the given namespaces.
def inet_pton(af, addr): (source)
def inet_ntop(af, addr): (source)
def execfile(filename, globals, locals=None): (source)
Execute a Python script in the given namespaces.

Similar to the execfile builtin, but a namespace is mandatory, partly because that's a sensible thing to require, and because otherwise we'd have to do some frame hacking.

This is a compatibility implementation for Python 3 porting, to avoid the use of the deprecated builtin execfile function.

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