t.i.t.blockingCallFromThread(reactor, f, *a, **kw) : function documentation

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Run a function in the reactor from a thread, and wait for the result synchronously. If the function returns a Deferred, wait for its result and return that.
ParametersreactorThe IReactorThreads provider which will be used to schedule the function call.
fthe callable to run in the reactor thread (type: any callable.)
athe arguments to pass to f.
kwthe keyword arguments to pass to f.
Returnsthe result of the Deferred returned by f, or the result of f if it returns anything other than a Deferred.
RaisesIf f raises a synchronous exception, blockingCallFromThread will raise that exception. If f returns a Deferred which fires with a Failure, blockingCallFromThread will raise that failure's exception (see Failure.raiseException).
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