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This module implements OpenSSL socket BIO based TLS support. It is only used if memory BIO APIs are not available, which is when the version of pyOpenSSL installed is older than 0.10 (when twisted.protocols.tls is not importable). This implementation is undesirable because of the complexity of working with OpenSSL's non-blocking socket-based APIs (which this module probably does about 99% correctly, but see #4455 for an example of a problem with it).

Support for older versions of pyOpenSSL is now deprecated and will be removed (see #5014).

See Alsotwisted.internet._newtls
Present Since11.1
Class ConnectionMixin Mixin for twisted.internet.tcp.Connection to help implement ITLSTransport using pyOpenSSL to do crypto and I/O.
Class ClientMixin Mixin for twisted.internet.tcp.Client to implement the client part of ITLSTransport.
Class ServerMixin Mixin for twisted.internet.tcp.Client to implement the server part of ITLSTransport.
Class _TLSMixin No class docstring; 1/12 methods documented
Function _getTLSClass Undocumented
def _getTLSClass(klass, _existing={}): (source)
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