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Internet Relay Chat Protocol for client and server.

Future Plans

The way the IRCClient class works here encourages people to implement IRC clients by subclassing the ephemeral protocol class, and it tends to end up with way more state than it should for an object which will be destroyed as soon as the TCP transport drops. Someone oughta do something about that, ya know?

The DCC support needs to have more hooks for the client for it to be able to ask the user things like "Do you want to accept this session?" and "Transfer #2 is 67% done." and otherwise manage the DCC sessions.

Test coverage needs to be better.
VariablesMAX_COMMAND_LENGTHThe maximum length of a command, as defined by RFC 2812 section 2.3.
AuthorKevin Turner
See AlsoRFC 1459: Internet Relay Chat Protocol
RFC 2812: Internet Relay Chat: Client Protocol
The Client-To-Client-Protocol
Class IRCBadMessage Undocumented
Class IRCPasswordMismatch Undocumented
Class IRCBadModes A malformed mode was encountered while attempting to parse a mode string.
Function parsemsg Breaks a message from an IRC server into its prefix, command, and arguments.
Function split Split a string into multiple lines.
Class UnhandledCommand A command dispatcher could not locate an appropriate command handler.
Function parseModes Parse an IRC mode string.
Class IRC Internet Relay Chat server protocol.
Class ServerSupportedFeatures Handle ISUPPORT messages.
Class IRCClient Internet Relay Chat client protocol, with sprinkles.
Function dccParseAddress Undocumented
Class DccFileReceiveBasic Bare protocol to receive a Direct Client Connection SEND stream.
Class DccSendProtocol Protocol for an outgoing Direct Client Connection SEND.
Class DccSendFactory Undocumented
Function fileSize I'll try my damndest to determine the size of this file object.
Class DccChat Direct Client Connection protocol type CHAT.
Class DccChatFactory Undocumented
Function dccDescribe Given the data chunk from a DCC query, return a descriptive string.
Class DccFileReceive Higher-level coverage for getting a file from DCC SEND.
Function ctcpExtract Extract CTCP data from a string.
Function lowQuote Undocumented
Function lowDequote Undocumented
Function ctcpQuote Undocumented
Function ctcpDequote Undocumented
Function ctcpStringify
Function _intOrDefault Convert a value to an integer if possible.
Class _CommandDispatcherMixin Dispatch commands to handlers based on their name.
def parsemsg(s): (source)
Breaks a message from an IRC server into its prefix, command, and arguments.
def split(str, length=80): (source)

Split a string into multiple lines.

Whitespace near str[length] will be preferred as a breaking point. "\n" will also be used as a breaking point.
ParametersstrThe string to split. (type: str )
lengthThe maximum length which will be allowed for any string in the result. (type: int )
Returnslist of str
def _intOrDefault(value, default=None): (source)
Convert a value to an integer if possible.
ReturnsAn integer when value can be converted to an integer, otherwise return default (type: int or type of default )
def parseModes(modes, params, paramModes=('', '')): (source)

Parse an IRC mode string.

The mode string is parsed into two lists of mode changes (added and removed), with each mode change represented as (mode, param) where mode is the mode character, and param is the parameter passed for that mode, or None if no parameter is required.
ParametersmodesModes string to parse. (type: str )
paramsParameters specified along with modes. (type: list )
paramModesA pair of strings ((add, remove)) that indicate which modes take parameters when added or removed. (type: (str, str) )
ReturnsTwo lists of mode changes, one for modes added and the other for modes removed respectively, mode changes in each list are represented as (mode, param).
def dccParseAddress(address): (source)
def fileSize(file): (source)
I'll try my damndest to determine the size of this file object.
def dccDescribe(data): (source)
Given the data chunk from a DCC query, return a descriptive string.
def ctcpExtract(message): (source)

Extract CTCP data from a string.

Returns a dictionary with two items:
  • 'extended': a list of CTCP (tag, data) tuples
  • 'normal': a list of strings which were not inside a CTCP delimeter
def lowQuote(s): (source)
def lowDequote(s): (source)
def ctcpQuote(s): (source)
def ctcpDequote(s): (source)
def ctcpStringify(messages): (source)
Parametersmessages (type: a list of extended messages. An extended message is a (tag, data) tuple, where 'data' may be None, a string, or a list of strings to be joined with whitespace. )
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