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Save and load Small OBjects to and from files, using various formats.

Maintainer: Moshe Zadka
Interface IPersistable An object which can be saved in several formats to a file
Class Persistent No class docstring; 2/6 methods documented
Function load Load an object from a file.
Function loadValueFromFile Load the value of a variable in a Python file.
Function guessType Undocumented
Function _encrypt Undocumented
Function _decrypt Undocumented
Class _EverythingEphemeral No class docstring; 1/2 methods documented
def _encrypt(passphrase, data): (source)
def _decrypt(passphrase, data): (source)
def load(filename, style, passphrase=None): (source)

Load an object from a file.

Deserialize an object from a file. The file can be encrypted.
stylestring (one of 'pickle' or 'source')
def loadValueFromFile(filename, variable, passphrase=None): (source)

Load the value of a variable in a Python file.

Run the contents of the file, after decrypting if passphrase is given, in a namespace and return the result of the variable named variable.
def guessType(filename): (source)
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