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Method __init__ Initialize a Deferred.
Method __setitem__ Undocumented
Method addDependant Undocumented

Inherited from Deferred:

Method addCallbacks Add a pair of callbacks (success and error) to this Deferred.
Method addCallback Convenience method for adding just a callback.
Method addErrback Convenience method for adding just an errback.
Method addBoth Convenience method for adding a single callable as both a callback and an errback.
Method chainDeferred Chain another Deferred to this Deferred.
Method callback Run all success callbacks that have been added to this Deferred.
Method errback Run all error callbacks that have been added to this Deferred.
Method pause Stop processing on a Deferred until unpause() is called.
Method unpause Process all callbacks made since pause() was called.
Method cancel Cancel this Deferred.
Method setTimeout Set a timeout function to be triggered if I am not called.
Method __str__ Undocumented
Method _continue Undocumented
Method _startRunCallbacks Undocumented
Method _runCallbacks Undocumented

Inherited from NotKnown:

Method resolveDependants Undocumented
Method __hash__ Undocumented
def __init__(self): (source)
Initialize a Deferred.

a callable used to stop the pending operation scheduled by this Deferred when Deferred.cancel is invoked. The canceller will be passed the deferred whose cancelation is requested (i.e., self).

If a canceller is not given, or does not invoke its argument's callback or errback method, Deferred.cancel will invoke Deferred.errback with a CancelledError.

Note that if a canceller is not given, callback or errback may still be invoked exactly once, even though defer.py will have already invoked errback, as described above. This allows clients of code which returns a Deferred to cancel it without requiring the Deferred instantiator to provide any specific implementation support for cancellation. New in 10.0. (type: a 1-argument callable which takes a Deferred. The return result is ignored. )
def __setitem__(self, n, obj): (source)
def addDependant(self, dep, key): (source)
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