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  1. Wait for an official release of some kind
  1. Download the Sumo Tarball of that release. (Now just the "Twisted" tarball.)
  1. Unpack this tarball.
  1. In the unpacked sumo directory,

svn co svn+ssh://

  1. aap -f win32/build.aap
  1. Rename twisted.pth -> twisted.pth_ so twisted is not in the python path
  1. Install dist/Twisted*2.3*.exe
  1. Run Twisted Command Prompt
  1. Run mktap, twistd with no args. Observe no errors.
  1. Repeat steps 7, 8, 9 for dist/Twisted*2.4*.exe
  1. Rename twisted.pth_ -> twisted.pth
  1. Bug someone to give you g+w to /twisted/Releases/Twisted/2.?
  1. Upload dist/*.exe to
  1. Make sure uploaded files are mode 664, group cvs-twisted
  1. Update the Wiki front page and the TwistedProject page with the new urls.
  1. Repeat at step 1.