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    2929   * Alternatively, assign it to someone who has already agreed to review it. 
    3030 * Write a comment with any relevant information for the reviewer. 
     31 * If you are a Twisted committer: 
     32  * Make sure your code is in a branch. 
     33  * Make sure the 'branch' field on the ticket corresponds to the branch where the code is checked in. 
     34  * Force a build of your branch.  Do this by following these steps: 
     35    * Go to the [ Latest Builds] page linked from [] 
     36      * (If you know where the `` script is, you can run it instead, but if you know that, chances are you don't need to read this.) 
     37    * The username is "twisted" and the password is "matrix"; fill out the form in the upper-left-hand of the page, and log in.  (The only "security" here is to stop spammers from overloading the buildbots by submitting every form; the real security of the buildbot is in the fact that only committers can upload code it will run, so don't worry.) 
     38    * Look in the upper-right-hand corner of the page; you should see a text area that says "branch".  Type the absolute path of your branch, (such as: `/branches/my-feature-7654`) into that field, and click "force". 
     39    * Copy the URL of the page you are sent to, and paste it into a comment on your ticket linking the text "build results", like this: `[ Build Results]` 
     40    * Make sure that it's green! 
    3242== Reviewers: How to review a change ==