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Document the *rest* of the stupidass release process stupid releases I hate them

  1. See admin/release-procedure.txt
  2. Put the release tarball in the appropriate subdirectory of /twisted/Releases/
  3. Edit the wiki page for the released project
    1. Add a new section for current stable release
      1. Put new version number in visible text
      2. Point the download link at the new download URL on tmrc
    2. Delete any existing old stable release
    3. Relabel the old stable release as the old stable release
    4. Point the release notes at the trac browser URL for NEWS file in the release tag (if the release is Twisted, point to all of the NEWS files for all included subprojects)
  4. Update website documentation
  5. Update the non-API documentation
    1. Create a ticket
    2. Create a branch of WebSite
    3. Switch to the branch
    4. Delete old doc directory
    5. Commit
    6. Copy doc out of release tarball into WebSite WC in place of old doc directory
    7. svn add
    8. commit
    9. Follow rest of normal UQDS with the following additions:
      1. Bring up staging server on alternate ports on pyramid
        1. More detail here
      2. Make sure the links are correct, the text is properly processed, etc
  6. Send out release announcement
    1. twisted-python@…
    2. python-announce@…
    3. freshmeat