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Packages of Twisted for various operating systems

While you can always install Twisted from the source tarball, if there are recent packages available for your operating system, you should probably use those. Pre-packaged versions of Twisted have already been tested, and often list precise dependencies in a format which is friendly to the host OS.

If you are not going to use a pre-packaged version of Twisted, it is suggested that you do not install it site-globally to avoid conflicting with your OS; e.g. use the --prefix argument to install.


The Windows installer found on the front page is built by Cory Dodt. WindowsBuild information has its own page.


Ports for various Twisted projects are maintained by Eric Faurot? at

Note that these are not packages, but only ports. If you are not familiar with ports, read about them at Packages will be available once these ports are integrated into the official port tree.

Mac OS X (via Fink)

Packages are maintained by Daniel Henninger, info at


Some parts of Twisted are packaged by Neal Nelson?. A list of available packages is here: