Change History for GitMirror

Version Date Author Comment
32 2 months jml Warn about changing diff format
31 2 months jml Correct instructions for merging forward
30 8 months radix Note that you can link to PRs in trac tickets.
29 9 months jknight
28 9 months exarkun what's a pip package who knows
27 9 months hawkowl Change mkbranch to point to twisted-dev-tools instead of a script people …
26 9 months adiroiban
25 9 months adiroiban
24 16 months hawkowl Don't need the gitignore documentation anymore, since Twisted includes one …
23 19 months tom.prince Fix "Updating your clone" section to reflect actual default branch names.
22 19 months tom.prince Remove probably broken suggestion to use 'git svn branch'.
21 20 months jonathanj Fix "Generating patches" header (thanks to ben_ for reporting this.)
20 21 months tom.prince Add some notes about commiting.
19 21 months tom.prince generating patches
18 21 months tom.prince Fix numbering.
17 21 months tom.prince Remove obsolete REVNO, remove comment about chicken-scratches, as I've …
16 21 months tom.prince Rewrite git instructions.
15 2 years ltaylor.volks Added link to other DVCS pages
14 2 years ashfall Updated the link for merging forward instructions
13 3 years Screwtape Replace the broken official git mirror with better DIY instructions.
12 3 years Screwtape Tom Davis pointed out "-rHEAD" on the mailing list.
11 3 years Screwtape Note the existence of the various release branches and tags.
10 3 years Screwtape A professional git-svn conversion would also translate usernames.
9 3 years Screwtape Fix formatting.
8 3 years Screwtape Add some more details about how to create a git svn clone of the SVN repo.
7 4 years Screwtape Actually checkout the master branch.
6 4 years Screwtape Make it clearer how branch-names are constructed.
5 4 years Screwtape Writeup committing and shrug shoulders about merging forward.
4 4 years Screwtape Added merging instructions.
3 4 years Screwtape Documented some of my git-svn experiences.
2 4 years exarkun git can ignore things without dropping poops in the repository, too.
1 5 years exarkun