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Tasks to be Completed

  1. Create bug and wiki pages. [DONE]
  2. Set up a trivial postfix instance on
  3. Test that cube postfix can receive and route email to local accounts, and from local accounts out (mutt).
  4. Set up forwards from cube to pyramid.
  5. Test that email sent to a local account on cube gets forwarded to an appropriate local account on pyramid.
  6. Notify twisted-admin list about bug, wiki pages, and status.
  7. Remove the forward on my account and test IMAP and POP access to cube, including authentication methods currently supported [list here..]
  8. Change MX record to point to cube.
  9. For each local account on
    1. copy entire /home/account to cube
    2. disable the forward to pyramid, for that account.
    3. send that account an email, letting them know that their email is now being stored on cube, and they should archive or otherwise disregard any email files they have on pyramid.
  10. (Optional) Adapt some kind of simple spam-filtering ruleset to postfix and apply it.
  11. Notify twisted-admin list about status.