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Contributing To Twisted (DRAFT)

This is a one page summary of the ways that you or your organization can contribute to Twisted.

This is a draft document which is intended to eventually replace wiki:ContributingToTwistedLabs.

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Report bugs/file tickets

  1. Search the bugtracker for any existing tickets that are similar to the ones you are planning to file.
    • You can also use Google with your search query followed by the site: parameter.
  1. If you didn't find an existing ticket, discuss it with the Twisted Community.

  1. Now, follow these steps to file a ticket:

Submit Patches

  • Prepare. (Links to other development process related documentation - redundancy)
  • News files! (already linked from the links above - repeating for emphasis0

If you have commit access:

Review a Ticket

Other ways to contribute

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