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Repo is now in 2a format

The Twisted codebase is mirrored into a set of Bazaar branches for those developers who prefer to use bzr instead of svn. This page explains how you can get copies of these branches. In the following directions, ~/Projects/Twisted is used as an example of a directory where your Twisted code is stored; you can replace it with any other directory.

Shared repository

When branching Twisted, it's recommended to create your local branch inside of a Bazaar "shared repository". A shared repository is a directory on your filesystem that you create bazaar branches within. When a bazaar branch is created within a shared repository, all of the revision data is shared inside the repository, instead of being stored independently in each branch. This makes further branching from the network much faster, and saves disk space. Unfortunately, a further complexity exists: the Twisted mirrors require your repository to be using a special format which supports something Bazaar calls "rich roots". The following command should create a proper repository:

bzr init-repo --2a ~/Projects/Twisted

It's strongly recommended that you use Bazaar 2.0.0 or newer.

Launchpad's mirror - trunk only

Launchpad provides a mirror of Twisted trunk only. It can be fetched with the following command:

cd ~/Projects/Twisted
bzr branch lp:twisted

Twisted's mirrors - all branches

We provide mirrors of *all* the branches of Twisted, so if you need something other than trunk, you can get it. They are available under For example, to get trunk:

cd ~/Projects/Twisted
bzr branch

Or a branch named "fix-bug-1234":

cd ~/Projects/Twisted
bzr branch