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Twistery In the News

Google Uses Twisted (2006-10-31)

Perhaps the headline is a little sensationalist, but Google has acquired JotSpot, a company that makes use of Twisted. In fact, one of JotSpot's employees is the author of the O'Reilly Twisted book. Time will tell how much of their Twisted code survives as JotSpot migrates its infrastructure to Google.

Apple Releases iCal Server Code (2006-08-07)

Apple's iCal Server is written in Twisted. Visit the development site to read more about the software and to get started with it now.

Twisted 2.4.0 (2006-05-25)

Including updates to Words, Web, Names, Mail, Conch, and more. See TwistedProject.

Twisted Sprint in Sydney (2006-05-19)

Twisted's Australian hackers are converging in Sydney on the June 3-4 weekend. If you are Australian and think you might be made of internet, find out more about the SydneySprint

Twisted 2.2.0 (2006-02-12)

Twisted 2.2.0 is out. See TwistedProject.

Twisted (core) 2.1.0 + First Virtual Sprint (2005-10-09)

In Twisted's first virtual sprint the weekend of 2005-10-08, many people contributed to Twisted in general and helped get the Twisted 2.1.0 release out. See the Twisted project page and read about what's new.

Australian Twisted Sprint 2005.2 (2005-08-07)

A Twisted Sprint will be held in Sydney Australia on the 19-21 August 2005. Topics will probably include documentation, a VFS layer (including WebDAV support), the new Axiom database, and whatever else anyone can think of. For more information, please see the Australian Twisted Sprint Wiki.

Thanks to Linux Australia for funding this sprint.

Twisted 2.0.1 NOW released (2005-05-25)

Twisted 2.0.1 is now out. This is a minor release, only including bugfixes since 2.0.0. One of the most important fixes was a bug causing many gtk GUI apps to crash. Twisted News is now properly included in the Sumo release. Enjoy.