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Twisted API Documentation

This page describes how to generate the API docs for the Twisted web site.

You will need the latest Twisted release unpacked and the latest version of pydoctor


  1. Run an interactive Python session that goes something like this:
    >>> from twisted.python._release import APIBuilder
    >>> from twisted.python.filepath import FilePath
    >>> APIBuilder().build('Twisted', '', '', FilePath('twisted'), FilePath('apidocs'))
    Be sure to use the tag which corresponds to the version of Twisted the docs are being generated for.
  1. Upload the resulting apidocs directory to www-data@cube. Use tar cx apidocs | ssh tar xv or something.
  2. Put the apidocs directory into the appropriate location beneath vhosts/ (eg 8.2.0)
  3. If desired, update the current symlink.