20:53 Specification/DeclarativeMonkeyPatching edited by jml
20:21 Ticket #2598 (Monkey-patching support code) created by jml
Unit tests often end up doing a lot of monkey-patching. We could make it a …
11:56 Ticket #2597 (trac: TypeError: <lambda>() got multiple values for keyword argument 'asc') closed by exarkun
wontfix: This is a trac defect. Please see http://trac.edgewall.com/
11:36 Ticket #2597 (trac: TypeError: <lambda>() got multiple values for keyword argument 'asc') created by slamb
==== How to Reproduce ==== Go to http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/report/13
10:51 Ticket #2596 (Questionable priority assigned to _allowedMethods in ...) created by terrycojones
The _allowedMethods attribute may give the incorrect impression that …
08:59 Changeset [20059] by therve

Test the fun and insane possibility of slots attribute, some cleanups.

07:35 Changeset [20058] by therve

Try to not put it back

06:47 Changeset [20057] by therve

Small note about default values

06:45 Changeset [20056] by therve

Apply review comments

06:22 Ticket #2595 (sftp and ftp should share (possibly via adapter) same filesystem interface) created by itamarst
Both conch sftp and the ftp servers have filesystem abstraction …
06:19 Changeset [20055] by therve

Patch web2 demo file

Author: therve
Reviewer: exarkun
Refs #1273

Locate certificate used in web2 demo using util.sibpath.

06:00 Changeset [20054] by therve

Merged forward

06:00 Changeset [20053] by therve

Merge forward

05:57 Changeset [20052] by therve

Branching to 'logfile-full-path-2575-2'

04:46 Changeset [20051] by therve

Some docs, typos, and fix test_stateful

04:31 Changeset [20050] by jml

Restore support for the old-style of Trial reporter plugin, and issue
deprecation warnings when each one is found.

03:54 Ticket #2594 (Very very basic SCP support) created by philmayers
The following is a basic SCP client for conch. It is only capable of …
03:22 Changeset [20049] by therve


03:06 Changeset [20048] by therve


03:03 Changeset [20047] by therve

Some cleanups and typos

02:59 Changeset [20046] by jml

Woot. Twisted got released.

02:58 Changeset [20045] by therve

Remove hasattr call, refactor test_threads to add some docs

02:49 Changeset [20044] by therve

Return an errback instead of raising an error in openForWriting,
change the behavior in RETR/STOR, add a test.

02:13 Ticket #2580 (twisted.web2.stream infinite loop) closed by gthomas
duplicate: OK, found an error/a solution for my special case: As I implemented …
02:13 Changeset [20043] by therve

Change a docstring, use trial assert, correct a typo.

02:04 Ticket #2539 (Add epoll reactor to the choosing-reactor doc) closed by therve
fixed: (In [20042]) Merge epoll-doc-2539 Author: therve Reviewer: exarkun Fixes …
02:04 Changeset [20042] by therve

Merge epoll-doc-2539

Author: therve
Reviewer: exarkun
Fixes #2539

Add epoll reactor to the choosing-reactor documentation.

02:01 Ticket #2585 (words examples index is missing some links) closed by therve
fixed: Done in [20041].
01:59 Changeset [20041] by therve

Patch words examples index

Author: therve
Reviewer: exarkun
Fixes #2585

Add misssing links in index file for examples of twisted.words.

01:56 Ticket #1844 (StringTransport should behave more like a real transport) closed by therve
fixed: (In [20040]) Merge stringtransport-fix-1844-2 Authors: washort, therve …
01:56 Changeset [20040] by therve

Merge stringtransport-fix-1844-2

Authors: washort, therve
Reviewer: exarkun
Fixes #1844

Fix StringTransport from proto_helpers: raises a TypeError when unicode is
passed, so that it behaves more like a real transport.


19:48 Ticket #2593 ([USE CASE] Virtual file system for SFTP service) created by jml
The SFTP service we provide does not serve files directly from the …
19:45 Ticket #2592 ([USE CASE] Responding to authentication events) created by jml
Conch's API needs to be structured so that developers can easily respond …
19:43 Ticket #2591 ([USE CASE] XML-RPC driven authentication) created by jml
For Launchpad, we use Conch to provide an SFTP server to our users. They …
19:41 Ticket #2590 ([USE CASE] SFTP server) created by jml
We use Conch to run an SFTP server. The only service we provide is SFTP. …
17:35 Ticket #2589 (trial --help should warn of the dangers of --temp-directory) created by jml
Nyah, nyah, no bug description for you.
16:57 Ticket #2588 (Quick way of telling which release a revision came under) created by jml
Often it would be nice to know when a particular change hit the outside …
15:48 Changeset [20039] by dreid

some docstrings.

12:27 Changeset [20038] by exarkun

merged forward

12:26 Changeset [20037] by exarkun

merge forward, resolve conflicts

12:26 Changeset [20036] by exarkun

Branching to 'stringtransport-fix-1844-2'

10:55 Changeset [20035] by exarkun

minor docstring adjustment

09:44 Ticket #2574 (improve twistd logging setup factoring to remove duplicate code and ...) closed by exarkun
fixed: (In [20034]) Merge refactor-twistd-logging-2574 Author: exarkun Reviewer: …
09:44 Changeset [20034] by exarkun

Merge refactor-twistd-logging-2574

Author: exarkun
Reviewer: therve
Fixes #2574

Move the logging system initialization calls out of the platform-specific
ApplicationRunner subclasses and into the base class so that it can be
customized more easily.

09:12 Changeset [20033] by exarkun

get rid of _postApplication, rename _startLogging to startLogging


07:35 Ticket #2587 (twisted.conch.manhole.Manhole.__init__ passes extra arguments to parent ...) created by exarkun
None of Manhole's base classes implements __init__ or cares about the …


07:42 Ticket #2586 (twisted.python.logfile.LogFile's defaultMode parameter is undocumented, ...) created by exarkun
Undocumented and untested speak for themselves. Regarding insecure, the …
06:31 Changeset [20032] by itamarst

the joy of punctuation

06:15 Changeset [20031] by therve

Add extra args to fromFullPath, test it.

03:43 Ticket #2585 (words examples index is missing some links) created by therve
3 examples are missing:jabber_client.py, pb_client.py, xmpp_client.py
02:57 Ticket #2584 (Possible intermittent failure in twisted.test.test_modules) created by jml
While running the full test suite under Python 2.5, I got this error …
02:36 Changeset [20030] by therve

Some more tests

02:26 Changeset [20029] by therve

Use callables instead of 'int'/'float'

00:42 Ticket #2583 (Documentation "deferredindepth" illustrative diagrams) created by jaimecham
The section is at first somewhat confusing since it's not clear what the …
00:40 Ticket #2582 (Documentation "deferredindepth.html" incorrect output) created by jaimecham
The output of the section "Handling an exception and continuing on" is …


22:47 Changeset [20028] by dreid

Some unittests for WrappingFactory and WrappingProtocol

22:25 Changeset [20027] by dreid

Merge forward so that we can run trial.

22:22 Changeset [20026] by dreid

Branching to 'endpoints-1442-2'

20:35 Ticket #2581 (Unhandled CannotListenError in DNS query) created by p1mrx
A user of my program sent this traceback to me. It looks like it's …
10:38 Changeset [20025] by therve

Add a type info in optParameters, some docs and tests

05:51 Ticket #2580 (twisted.web2.stream infinite loop) created by gthomas
I'm trying to write a "streaming XMLRPC server" - thus I modified …


10:38 Changeset [20024] by therve

Branching to 'usage-typed-739'

10:35 Changeset [20023] by therve

Use new LogFile method, add deprecation, cleanups

10:28 Ticket #2579 (Race condition with connector.stopConnecting) created by arkanes
When you call stopConnecting on a Connector, any DNS lookup in progress is …
05:42 Changeset [20022] by therve

Create the client module

03:08 Changeset [20021] by therve

Add init files, some cleanups

02:34 Changeset [20020] by therve

Apply terry's modifications

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