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twisted.logger doesn't execute methods despite documentation

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It may come up that people want to log things based on data gotten from object methods, e.g.

self.ircd.log.debug("Disconnecting user {user.uuid} ({user.hostmask()}): {reason}", user=self, reason=reason)

where is some sort of useful data.

According to the documentation (, not only is this allowed, but there is an example showing that this is explicitly allowed.

However, attempting to log the above message results in Twisted logging something like this:

2017-12-05 20:52:26-0600 [-] Unable to format event {'log_namespace': 'txircd', 'log_level': <LogLevel=debug>, 'format': '%(log_legacy)s', 'log_logger': <Logger 'txircd'>, 'log_source': None, 'system': '-', 'reason': 'Registration timeout', 'user': <txircd.user.IRCUser instance at 0x7f0c092e8050>, 'time': 1512528746.643236, 'log_format': 'Disconnecting user {user.uuid} ({user.hostmask()}): {reason}', 'message': (), 'log_time': 1512528746.643236}: IRCUser instance has no attribute 'hostmask()'

Instead, in order to get the desired logging, you need to modify it so that the functions aren't run on objects in the string:

self.ircd.log.debug("Disconnecting user {user.uuid} ({hostmask()}): {reason}", user=self, hostmask=self.hostmask, reason=reason)

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