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Allow sending UDP datagrams to the address "<broadcast>" with the iocpreactor

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At the moment, this is supported on Windows with the selectreactor, but not the iocpreactor. The write will succeed but emit a DeprecationWarning complaining about having not been passed an IP.

Change History (1)

comment:1 Changed 16 months ago by habnabit

(In [40881]) Merge ipv6-listenUDP-5086-2: Accept IPv6 address literals in IReactorUDP.listenUDP

Authors: marto1_, habnabit, satis
Reviewers: exarkun, rwall
Fixes: #5086
Refs: #6646, #6647, #6826, #6828

IReactorUDP.listenUDP, IUDPTransport.write and IUDPTransport.connect now accept
IPv6 address literals.

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