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Port twisted.names.common to Python 3

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This is needed by twisted.names.client.

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Okay, there's some stuff. Pretty straight-forward. This ports twisted.names.error as well, since that ended up not needing much porting and has no dedicated test module of its own. The test coverage here isn't great, but other parts of Twisted Names test suite exercise this code somewhat more, so when those are ported the coverage will improve. I think maybe that's an okay approach for this code.  Build results


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  1. Two news files.
  2. You should verify in the tests that the result of ResolverBase.query is the result of the underlying function being called.
  3. extractRecords only has very implicit test coverage at best, it seems. At the very least you should open a ticket for that, if it's not needed for the use cases we're covering.

Other than that looks good, please merge.


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(In [36039]) Merge dns-common-py3-6059

Author: exarkun Reviewer: itamarst Fixes: #6058 Fixes: #6059

Port twisted.names.error (trivial) and twisted.names.common to Python 3. Also improve some of the test coverage and fix a few structural documentation errors.

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