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Refactor twisted.trial.test.test_assertions to separate synchronous from asynchronous

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This test module covers a large portion of the helper methods provided by TestCase. It tests both the synchronous helpers and the asynchronous helpers (such as assertFailure and addCleanup).

To facilitate splitting up the implementation of these two categories of features, it would help to split up the tests for them as well.

Split off of #5853

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(In [35167]) Branching to 'sync-async-split-5858'

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(In [35168]) Factor sync and async tests into separate TestCases; also do a little more explicit bootstrapping.

refs #5858

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Made the described changes. Note that I did a little bit of refactoring to split tests for particular assertion methods (eg failIf/assertFalse) into individual TestCase subclasses. I didn't refactor all of the tests this way though, as that would have made the patch rather large. I think that eventually this is what should be done to the tests, though. If desired I can file a ticket for that when landing this branch (and add a note to the source referring to it).

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Hi :)!

I think you have a build failure on 2.6, where the context manager form of assertRaises isn't present without using unittest2. Also, some of the docstrings on TestSyncronousAssertions are missing epytext markup in their docstrings, in case that matters.

comment:7 Changed 4 years ago by exarkun

(In [35173]) Avoid using unportable unittest.TestCase.assertRaises

refs #5858

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Thanks for the review, Julian!

I fixed the assertRaises issue in the revision linked above. I'm not too concerned about the missing epytext, as it seems to largely be in methods I'm just moving around in the file, not otherwise modifying. Updating them would be fine, but I'm not going to take that on as part of this ticket. :)

Thanks again for the review.

Latest build results will be here.

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Looks good, merge if buildbot passes.

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(In [35177]) Merge sync-async-split-5858

Author: exarkun Reviewer: Julian, itamar Fixes: #5858

Divide the unit tests for most of the assertion helpers on twisted.trial.unittest.TestCase into separate classes, one for synchronous helpers and another for asynchronous helpers, as a step towards supporting a synchronous-only test case base class.

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