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Some TCP-specific code leaked into twisted/internet/test/connectionmixins.py

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twisted/internet/test/connectionmixins.py is intended to hold code useful for any connection-oriented ports/transports. The tests it defines should all be applicable to any kind of SOCK_STREAM sockets. In particular, that means they should run on all of TCP, SSL, and UNIX.

TCPClientTestsMixin is limited to TCP (as you might expect from the name). It needs to be generalized to apply to TCP, SSL, and UNIX.

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Alright, it looks TCP-free. I used the new mixin in Unix tests, not in SSL yet. I think we can do that in a next branch if that's OK.


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  1. test_addresses
    • I wouldn't wrap the L{} even if it goes over the limit.
    • You are also losing the verification of the repr.
  2. UnixClientTestsBuilder
    • This should have a test of the repr, as well.
  3. There are a  number of twistedchecker failures. But I'm not sure if any of them are worth fixing. I think perhaps putting listen/connect (raising NotImplementedError) in the base class, and putting docs (with epytext markup) might be the right thing for some of them.

Please merge after dealing with repr and optionally the other points.


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(In [37572]) Merge stream-client-tests-5578-2

Author: therve Reviewer: tom.prince Fixes: #5578

Remove TCP specific bits in the connectionmixins test module, and reuse it in test_unix.

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