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Improve lore2sphinx buildbot results for meta docs in `projects/core/howto/`

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Priority: normal Milestone: Lore to Sphinx
Component: core Keywords: documentation
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like #4566, except for these documents:

  • debug-with-emacs
  • internet-overview
  • glossary
  • vision
  • design
  • upgrading

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(In [30664]) Branching to 'metadocs-sphinx-4866'


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(In [30665]) Merge the meta-ish doc-y parts of the impossibly huge #4568 branch

refs #4866 refs #4568


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debug-with-emacs: The capitalization changes are good! However, the Pokey The Penguin comic ( http://yellow5.com/pokey/archive/pokey411_3.gif) from the Lore version of the page has been removed, while the footnote describing it is still in place. You should probably remove the footnote as well, or reinstate the Penguin. (I'm in favor of Pokey, myself.)

defer: This wasn't listed in the documents for this ticket, but it needed some work, so who cares. ;-) All the corrections look good, but I noticed that at some point between Lore and Sphinx, in the first line of the "Other behaviours" section, we've lost the space between the colon and the opening code tag:

(...)modify its behaviour:<code>fireOnOneCallback</code>(...)

internet-overview: Looks good!

glossary: All good changes... The only thing I'd reconsider is the removal of the (currently broken) link from the "Spread" entry title: We could keep it as a link to core/howto/pb.html, which is titled "Overview Of Twisted Spread" and seems like a good place to send readers who want to learn more about Spread.

vision: Looks good!

design: Looks good!

upgrading: Looks good, but I noticed that under "Rebuild: Loading New Code Without Restarting", the API link is being removed from the first mention of Versioned (seemingly because it was broken?) But the second appearance of Versioned in that section has a working link to  http://twistedmatrix.com/documents/current/api/twisted.persisted.styles.Versioned.html; It seems like the first mention should link to the same place. Later mentions of both rebuild and Versioned aren't links, but that seems to be on purpose. (I'm guessing the pattern is that the first mention in a paragraph is a link and the rest aren't?)


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Uh oh, these changes to the "defer" page are also (more properly) included in the defer-sphinx-4868 branch... They should be reverted from this branch! I'll just copy my comments about the defer page to #4868.


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Remaining issues are not (strictly) conversion problems, so are now under #4949.

Merge this.


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(In [31099]) Merge metadocs-sphinx-4866

Author: Screwtape Reviewers: tenth Fixes: #4866

Improve buildbot results for following docs in lore to sphinx conversion.

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