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twisted.mail.test.test_mail.MaildirAppendStringTestCase.testAppend fails intermittently on some builders

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For example,  this build failed because of it.

Possibly this is related to #3812?

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(In [29108]) Branching to 'reliable-appendMessage-4467'


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The problem is that message ordering is defined by when delivery completes, not when it starts. The test assumed that delivery would complete in the same order it was started, but on a machine with a clock of low enough precision this stopped being true.

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OK, this looks good to me. Some minor stuff to fix, if you feel like it:

  1. It would be nice if appendMessage had a @return or something. It's really not clear to me when that deferred is supposed to fire, and it doesn't seem to be part of an interface.
  2. Pyflakes reports the imports from the top of the file as unused. (Actually, nevermind. Maybe just file a separate easy ticket for this one, since it seems to be over the file and unrelated to your changes.)
  3. Shouldn't _AppendTestMixin inherit from object, since it's a new class?

This looks like a big improvement though, so, merge when ready.


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(In [29148]) Expand docstring for appendMessage

refs #4467


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(In [29149]) Make _AppendTextMixin new-style

refs #4467


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(In [29150]) Merge reliable-appendMessage-4467

Author: exarkun Reviewer: glyph Fixes: #4467

Change the tests for MaildirMailbox.appendMessage so that they only assert a deterministic delivery-completion based delivery order. Previously they attempted to assert delivery-initiation based order, which is not guaranteed. Also remove the callLater(0, ...) in the implementation of appendMessage, as it really is not necessary.


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