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Problems with 10.0.0

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  1. The INSTALL file (Skipping the things from #4344):
    1. Zope Interface seems to be up to about version 3.5. The URL we link to has also been abandoned for some time.
    2. As far as I can tell, we are no longer going to be distributing Windows .exe installers. Instead, it seems we'll be building MSIs.
  2. The README file:
    1. The list of foreign event loops we integrate with is a bit out of date, Tk, GTK+, GTK+ 2, Qt, Mac OS X, or wxPython
      1. We don't support Qt anymore (although hopefully that will change again)
      2. There is no supported OS X or wxPython integration. There's some experimental, half-working, half-broken reactors. We should differentiate these from the supported event loops.
    2. Examples on how to use Twisted APIs are located in doc/examples - this looks like the pre-split examples directory; doc/core/examples is probably where it should be pointing. Or it should have multiple pointers, to each subproject's examples.
    3. Likewise, doc/howto/index.xhtml is not a valid path.
    4. What's with the :: all over?
    5. I think the preferred hostname for Freenode is chat.freenode.net.
  3. twisted/__init__.py contains a Python version check intended to prevent use on Python versions. It still allows Python 2.3, though this is no longer officially supported.

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Changed 4 years ago by jml

Do we need to update the Zope thing? I mean, will we still work w/ 3.0.1?

The double colons are ReST hangovers, presumably


Changed 4 years ago by glyph

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Changed 4 years ago by exarkun

Do we need to update the Zope thing? I mean, will we still work w/ 3.0.1?

I have no idea what versions of Zope Interface we support. There's no way to find out what version is installed on the slaves except to ask the operators.


Changed 4 years ago by jml

  • milestone set to Twisted-10.0

I guess for zope.interfaces, we just leave the version in the docs as they are until we have evidence of them being wrong.

The  PyPI page for zope.interface seems a good place to link to instead of the zope.org one.

I'm putting this on the 10.0 milestone, since #4210 and #2764 make me think we should consider a 10.0.1 release.


Changed 4 years ago by exarkun

Okay, I managed to extract version information from some of the slaves. This is now available alongside all the rest of the automatically extracted version information (go to a build page, look at the versions step (usually the second) and follow the "versions" link on it).

Not all the slaves can report their version of zope.interface, but two of them did manage to, and reported 3.3.0 and 3.3.1.


Changed 4 years ago by jml

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See r28716


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Changed 4 years ago by jesstess

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init.py needs a copyright bump. Other than that, looks good to merge.


Changed 4 years ago by jml

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(In [28759]) Merge ten-problems-4346

  • Author: jml
  • Reviewer: jesstess
  • Fixes #4346

Fix some small but important defects in release-level documentation


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