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deprecate twisted.words.protocols.toc

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The AIM network no longer supports TOC clients. A TOC protocol implementation is almost useless. This module's docstring has claimed it is deprecated since 2002. Let's make that official with a deprecation warning.

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I dunno how to unit test module deprecations.

Index: twisted/words/protocols/toc.py
--- twisted/words/protocols/toc.py      (revision 25703)
+++ twisted/words/protocols/toc.py      (working copy)
@@ -2,7 +2,6 @@
 # Copyright (c) 2001-2005 Twisted Matrix Laboratories.
 # See LICENSE for details.
 Implements a AOL Instant Messenger TOC server and client, using the Twisted
@@ -16,6 +15,13 @@
 Maintainer: Paul Swartz
+import warnings
+    "twisted.words.protocols.toc is deprecated since Twisted 8.3.  "
+    "Use twisted.words.protocols.oscar instead.",
+    category=DeprecationWarning,
+    stacklevel=2)
 # twisted imports
 from twisted.internet import reactor, protocol
 from twisted.python import log


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Fair enough. Can you mention Twisted 9.0 instead, though? Thanks.


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(In [25789]) Apply twisted/words/protocols/toc.py deprecation patch

Author: exarkun Reviewer: therve Fixes: #3580

Formally deprecate twisted.words.protocols.toc, informally deprecated for seven years already, and largely non-working and useless since AOL disabled TOC on their AIM network.


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