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wchild_, getDynamicChild, etc should allow returning a Deferred

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Changed 11 years ago by jknight

At least woven's wchild_ and getDynamicChild should allow returning a Deferred, which will get 
autowrapped in a DeferredResource.

Additionally, as many of the other get*Child* methods as make sense/are possible should similarly
work. (aka: if it's possible to put the autowrapping outside of woven-specific code that'd be extra-

[18:56] <stranger> (it would be nice if one could return a deferred that would become a page 
[18:57] <foom> returning a deferred from a wchild_ doesn't work? if not then return a 
[18:57] <itamar> foom: don't think it works, no
[18:57] <itamar> though it probably ought to
[18:57] <itamar> add an issue


Changed 11 years ago by moshez

They will when getChildWithDefault will allow returning a deferred,
and there's already a feature filed for that.
Why on earth should there be separate code in Woven?


Changed 11 years ago by jknight

I think maybe I'm blind, because I don't see the other feature request filed? 

Also, my request was for a behavior, not an implementation. As I tried to say, if it makes the most 
sense to put the code outside woven, great!


Changed 11 years ago by itamarst

1. The feature request is for render() AFAICT.

2. wchild_ may be be done in render(), for example, who knows, in which case
it'd need woven specific code. Probably not, but this is Woven, where EVERYTHING


Changed 10 years ago by itamarst

Now that we have render_GET etc., they should be altered so that returning
Deferred is supported. Someone should investigate whether adding support for
getChild will break backwards compatability - my guess is that with the
appropriate checks in the resource-traversal loop it should be fine. Donovan
should probably be able to help with is.


Changed 9 years ago by radix

WONTFIX; this stuff is already working in nevow.


Changed 3 years ago by <automation>

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