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t.web's Request.prePathURL does not rebuild the URL correctly

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Quick summary is that the way Request unquotes and quotes the bits of the URL is not symmetrical. This shows up when a path segment contains a '/' for example.

Request.postpath is a list of decoded, i.e. real, path segments:

self.postpath = map(unquote, string.split(self.path[1:], '/'))

Items in Request.prepath are moved to Request.prepath as child resource are located, making prepath also a list of decoded path segments.

However, Request._prePathURL does not re-quote the individual prepath items. Instead it seems to rely on urllib.quote working (which it doesn't) for the whole URL string.

A fix can probably be taken from Nevow's flattener code. It uses the following to encode each path segment, query parameter name, query parameter value and fragment:

urllib.quote(original, safe="-_.!*'()")

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I fixed this by quoting each segment with safe= instead of quoting the whole URL.

This is different from what it used to do in that the hostname no longer goes through the quoting step. I don't know if this is right or not.

Ready for review.


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I don't think that quoting hostname is a problem. It should not contain characters that needs quoting anyway.

Please merge.


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Author: exarkun Reviewer: therve Fixes #2934

Correctly re-quote URL path segments when generating an URL string to return from Request.prePathURL.


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