Tickets which are necessary before we can truly automate Twisted releases.

In the year twenty five twenty five it has been determined that there is no legitimate reason to use Twisted with Python 2.6. Tickets in this milestone may be resolved at this point, and must not be resolved prior to this point. Supported for Python 2.6 will be dropped before this milestone is closed, and there should be no remaining supported code in Twisted for Python 2.6 after this milestone is closed.

The new Twisted logging system, mainly introduced in #6750.

Support PyPy as a platform.

This means getting this buildbot green - - and adding it to the supported list.

Make Twisted completely compatible with a reasonable Python 3.x release.

Tickets for fixing problems introduced by Python 3.x porting work should also be added to this milestone.

Treating warnings as errors will allow Twisted users and Twisted devs to keep deprecated stuff out of their code.

This milestone does it on Python 2.7; Python 3.3+ causes many more warnings and many are shared. Once we treat them as errors on Python 2, we can move to do it on Python 3.

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