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Ticket Summary Component Type Submitted_by Last_submitted Reviewers Last_reviewed Current_reviewer
#9118 A public API to use alternative KEX ciphers. conch enhancement the0id
#4964 adbapi.Transaction.reopen doesn't reconnect when mysql backend closes a connection core defect jameshilliard
#9138 Create a new context factory that caches the IOpenSSLClientConnectionCreator core enhancement
#9176 Generate full stack traces for inlineCallbacks core enhancement
#9210 TLS handshake failure with OpenSSL 1.1.0f core defect markrwilliams
#9305 Failure.getTracebackObject result lacks outer stack frames core defect
#9333 Default config of tw.logger fails to print tracebacks for Logger.failure. core defect markrwilliams
#9337 Port twisted.mail.test.test_mail to Python 3 mail enhancement
#9390 AsyncioSelectorReactor should use get_event_loop. core defect
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