Ticket #6160: twisted-python-test-test_utilpy3.patch

File twisted-python-test-test_utilpy3.patch, 1.4 KB (added by Petit_Dejeuner, 3 years ago)

Alters both twisted.python._utilpy3 and twisted.python.test.test_utilpy3. Fixes an extra whitespace bug in the former and adds more test cases to the latter.

  • twisted/python/_utilpy3.py

    Only in Twisted-New: build
    Only in Twisted-New/twisted: __init__.pyc
    Only in Twisted-New/twisted: _version.pyc
    Only in Twisted-New/twisted: copyright.pyc
    Only in Twisted-New/twisted/python: __init__.pyc
    diff -ur Twisted/twisted/python/_utilpy3.py Twisted-New/twisted/python/_utilpy3.py
    old new  
    205205    else: 
    206206        return mname.capitalize() 
    207207    labelList.append(word) 
    208     return ' '.join(labelList) 
     208    return ' '.join(labelList).strip() 
  • twisted/python/test/test_utilpy3.py

    Only in Twisted-New/twisted/python: compat.pyc
    Only in Twisted-New/twisted/python: dist.pyc
    Only in Twisted-New/twisted/python: hashlib.pyc
    Only in Twisted-New/twisted/python/test: test_util.pyc
    diff -ur Twisted/twisted/python/test/test_utilpy3.py Twisted-New/twisted/python/test/test_utilpy3.py
    old new  
    398398            ('foo', 'Foo'), 
    399399            ('fooBar', 'Foo Bar'), 
    400400            ('fooBarBaz', 'Foo Bar Baz'), 
     401            ('FOOBar', 'FOO Bar'), 
     402            ('FooBAR', 'Foo BAR'), 
    401403            ] 
    402404        for inp, out in nameData: 
    403405            got = util.nameToLabel(inp)