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    178178    need to pass this argument.  However, if you have developed an 
    179179    interface of your own, you may want to mandate that plugins for it 
    180180    are installed in your own plugins package, rather than in 
    181     Twisted's.  In this case, you probably also want to support <code 
     181    Twisted's.</p> 
     183    <p>For example, you way want to support <code 
    182184    class="shell">yourproject/plugins/</code> directories for ease of 
    183     development.  To do so, you should make the <code 
    184     class="shell">__init__.py</code> for that package contain at least 
     185    development.  To do so, you should make <code 
     186    class="shell">yourproject/plugins/__init__.py</code> contain at least 
    185187    the following lines.</p> 
    187189    <pre class="python">