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    a b client connects to this server, a <code class="python">QOTD</code> instance is 
    8989created, and its <code class="python">connectionMade</code> method is called. 
    92 <p> The <code class="python">QOTDFactory</code>'s role is to specify to the 
    93 Twisted framework how to create a <code class="python">Protocol</code> instance 
    94 that will handle the connection.  Twisted will not instantiate a <code 
    95 class="python">QOTDFactory</code>; you will do that yourself later, in a 
    96 <code class="shell">twistd</code> plug-in. 
     92<p> The <code class="python">QOTDFactory</code>'s role is to specify 
     93to the Twisted framework how to create 
     94a <code class="python">Protocol</code> instance that will handle the 
     95connection.  Twisted will not instantiate 
     96a <code class="python">QOTDFactory</code>; you will do that yourself 
     97later, in a <code class="shell">twistd</code> plug-in. 
    99 <p>Note: you can read more specifics of <code class="python">Protocol</code> and 
    100 <code class="python">Factory</code> in the <a href="servers.xhtml">Writing 
    101 Servers</a> HOWTO.</p> 
    103 <p>Once we have an abstraction -- a <code>Quoter</code> -- and we have a 
    104 mechanism to connect it to the network -- the <code>QOTD</code> protocol -- the 
    105 next thing to do is to put the last link in the chain of functionality between 
    106 abstraction and user.  This last link will allow a user to choose a 
    107 <code>Quoter</code> and configure the protocol. Writing this configuration is 
    108 covered in the <a href="application.xhtml">Application HOWTO</a>.</p> 
     100<p>Note: you can read more specifics 
     101of <code class="python">Protocol</code> 
     102and <code class="python">Factory</code> in 
     103the <a href="servers.xhtml">Writing Servers</a> HOWTO.</p> 
     105<p>Once we have an abstraction -- a <code>Quoter</code> -- and we have 
     106a mechanism to connect it to the network -- the <code>QOTD</code> 
     107protocol -- the next thing to do is to put the last link in the chain 
     108of functionality between abstraction and user.  This last link will 
     109allow a user to choose a <code>Quoter</code> and configure the 
     110protocol. Writing this configuration is covered in 
     111the <a href="application.xhtml">Application HOWTO</a>.</p> 
  • doc/core/howto/internet-overview.xhtml

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    a b toolkits like GTK+ or Tk.</p> 
    1919<p>Twisted Internet contains the various interfaces to the reactor 
    2020API, whose usage is documented in the low-level chapter. Those APIs 
    2121are <code class="API" base="twisted.internet.interfaces">IReactorCore</code>, 
    22 <code class="API" base="twisted.internet.interfaces">IReactorTCP</code>, 
    23 <code class="API" base="twisted.internet.interfaces">IReactorSSL</code>, 
    24 <code class="API" base="twisted.internet.interfaces">IReactorUNIX</code>, 
    25 <code class="API" base="twisted.internet.interfaces">IReactorUDP</code>, 
    26 <code class="API" base="twisted.internet.interfaces">IReactorTime</code>, 
    27 <code class="API" base="twisted.internet.interfaces">IReactorProcess</code>, 
    28 <code class="API" base="twisted.internet.interfaces">IReactorMulticast</code> 
     22 <code class="API" base="twisted.internet.interfaces">IReactorTCP</code>, 
     23 <code class="API" base="twisted.internet.interfaces">IReactorSSL</code>, 
     24 <code class="API" base="twisted.internet.interfaces">IReactorUNIX</code>, 
     25 <code class="API" base="twisted.internet.interfaces">IReactorUDP</code>, 
     26 <code class="API" base="twisted.internet.interfaces">IReactorTime</code>, 
     27 <code class="API" base="twisted.internet.interfaces">IReactorProcess</code>, 
     28 <code class="API" base="twisted.internet.interfaces">IReactorMulticast</code> 
    2929and <code class="API" base="twisted.internet.interfaces">IReactorThreads</code>. 
    3030The reactor APIs allow non-persistent calls to be made.</p> 
  • doc/core/howto/quotes.xhtml

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    a b following:</p> 
    3636    <li><a href="listings/TwistedQuotes/quoteproto.py" class="py-listing">quoteproto.py</a>;</li> 
    3737    </ul> 
    39 <li>Add the <code>TwistedQuotes</code> directory's <em>parent</em> to your Python 
    40 path. For example, if the TwistedQuotes directory's path is 
    41 <code>/tmp/TwistedQuotes</code> 
    42 add <code>/tmp</code> to your Python path. On UNIX this would be <code 
    43 class="shell">export PYTHONPATH=/my/stuff:$PYTHONPATH</code>, on Microsoft 
    44 Windows change the <code class="shell">PYTHONPATH</code> variable through the 
    45 Systems Properites dialog to add <code class="shell">/my/stuff;</code> at the 
     39<li>Add the <code>TwistedQuotes</code> directory's <em>parent</em> to 
     40your Python path. For example, if the TwistedQuotes directory's path 
     41is <code>/tmp/TwistedQuotes</code> add <code>/tmp</code> to your 
     42Python path. On UNIX this would be <code class="shell">export 
     43PYTHONPATH=/my/stuff:$PYTHONPATH</code>, on Microsoft Windows change 
     44the <code class="shell">PYTHONPATH</code> variable through the Systems 
     45Properites dialog to add <code class="shell">/my/stuff;</code> at the 
    4848Test your package by trying to import it in the Python interpreter: