[Twisted-web] Get access to Avatar from Resource object?

Glyph glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Wed Feb 22 11:59:02 EST 2012

On Feb 22, 2012, at 11:02 AM, Jacek Furmankiewicz wrote:

> But there are no examples on how a Resource method (let;s say render_GET) could get access to the current Avatar object?

The avatar is a resource, and therefore it can pass itself (or any relevant authentication or authorization information) to its children as they are created.

twisted.web doesn't implement role-based authorization or anything like it.  If it did, it would use a specific object that implemented that role-based auth, not the avatar (which is an implementation of a protocol interface).

> And does the Avatar object need to implement some specific interface?

Yes, the Avatar object must provide IResource.

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