[Twisted-web] Adding a private protocol to Twisted SSL Web server...

Jerry Westrick jerry at westrick.com
Thu Nov 17 14:15:04 EST 2011

  Found setRaw() method, maybe can use an override of the 
to forward data to another tcp connection... now need to look for some kind
plugin glue that connects 2 TCP sockets... (one SSL and one not)...

This stuff is so big I feel, I'm spending more time looking for the 
"correct way",
than it would be to re-invent the wheel...

Sorry about answering my own post, but hoping someone will jump in and
tell where I'm going wrong...


On 11/17/2011 12:19 PM, Jerry Westrick wrote:
>    Hello fellow twisters:
> I'm writing an ActionScript application with it's corresponding server
> built upon twisted.
> first off, I'd like to thank you all for the awesome software you've all
> put into my hands.
> Since I'm taking your time I'll get right to the point.
> What is required
> - secure serving of web pages (works via twisted web/SSL)
> - proprietary socket protocol (works with TCPServer and pyAMF).
> - client access server only via port 443<--- here I have the questions
> What I think I need to do is to capture an SSL CONNECT command, steal the
> the connection and use it as my proprietary communication socket.
> I've gotten access to the connection using the render_CONNECT() method,
> and having the client issue a corresponding command.
> What I cant figure out is how best to remove the connection from the
> HTTP protocol
> and setup a pass-thru to my application.  (This is prefered to be able
> to run multiple servers
> on different machines)
> I would hate to 'fudged' code into the system all the way down in
> basic.py, and
> your code is well modularized that I feel there should be a way to
> accomplish
> this, but it seams to be above my current pay grade ;-)
> Thank You all for your time,
> and hope the problem is interesting enough to evoke responses
> Jerry
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