[Twisted-web] Porting the features of nevow.guard to twisted.web.guard

L. Daniel Burr ldanielburr at gmail.com
Fri May 27 14:47:38 EDT 2011

Hi gang,

Per a short chat with exarkun (thanks exarkun), I'm posting this to the  
list for discussion.

A project upon which I am working requires a twisted.web service that  
allows a user to delegate authentication/authorization to a third party,  
e.g., Facebook, Twitter, et cetera.  In so doing, I've found myself  
missing nevow.guard, since web.guard currently only has out-of-the-box  
support for HTTP Auth.  I'd like to see web.guard expand to cover more  
kinds of auth, such as form-based auth or the OAuth-based solutions coming  
 from so many social graph sites.

With this in mind, I asked exarkun about this, and he mentioned that the  
only thing he does not consider to be garbage in nevow.guard is the  
feature-set, and that I should port the features to web, discarding the  

I'd like to solicit the list for some guidance as to what those features  
are, or should be, and hopefully end up with a ticket describing the  
features to be implemented, which I will then attempt to implement and  
contribute to twisted.web.



L. Daniel Burr
ldanielburr at mac.com
(312) 656-8387

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