[Twisted-web] Setting up server environment for twisted application

Viatcheslav Gachkaylo vgachkaylo at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 23:49:43 EDT 2011


Can you tell me what are the best practices for setting up a twistd
daemon in a linux (centos) environment on a server. The server should
be always uptime and relaunch on fatal error. I am sure there is a
common procedure for this.

Also I'm interested in providing secure access to twisted application
services. I set up twisted in a python virtualenv and my application
is running under user 'nobody'. What else could be done? What about
permissions of the python script files and static server resources?

 Also, is it a good idea to listen (HTTP and HTTPS) on ports 8081 and
8083 and set up apache to redirect port 80 and port 443 on a subdomain
to the appropriate twistd daemon ports?

Thank you,
Viatcheslav Gachkaylo

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