[Twisted-web] http authentication for xmlrpc: basic works, digest unauthorized

Steven Samuel Cole steven.samuel.cole at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 05:09:41 EDT 2011


i would like to create an xmlrpc interface to my data server. i've
been trying to get my head around twisted for that purpose for about a
week now and i think i've made ok progress:

anonymous xmlrpc (i.e. without user authentication) works over tcp and
ssl and in order to understand http authentication in twisted, i've
set up web server (also over tcp and ssl) which does log in users by
means of basic and digest http authentication.

concerning xmlrpc and users, _basic_ http authentication does work,
but when i try to use _digest_ authentication, i keep getting 401

the test client i am using is pretty much the same as the sample code
from http://twistedmatrix.com/documents/current/web/examples/xmlrpcclient.py
i am working on mac osx with the twisted 8.2 as installed by default.

i do assume that changing basic to digest in the server does not
require any changes in the client. is that assumption correct ?

is it a known problem that basic auth works but digest does not ? does
anyone have authenticated xmlrpc access running ? what would be the
most straight forward way to find the reason why auth fails ?

thank you very much,


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