[Twisted-web] How to handle interrupted responses in nevow?

exarkun at twistedmatrix.com exarkun at twistedmatrix.com
Tue Nov 23 19:17:40 EST 2010

On 23 Nov, 07:00 pm, peter.westlake at pobox.com wrote:
>On Tue, 23 Nov 2010 17:43 +0000, exarkun at twistedmatrix.com wrote:
>>On 05:28 pm, peter.westlake at pobox.com wrote:
>> >Is there any possibility that this might make it into Debian Squeeze?
>> >It's a long shot, I know, but it would save me having to install a
>> >customised version.
>>What will have to happen for it to make it into Debian Squeeze?
>It would need to be reviewed and any review issues fixed,
>then be included in a release of Nevow. Squeeze currently
>includes version 0.10.0-2 of the Debian package python-nevow,
>so whoever maintains that would need to accept the new
>upstream version. I don't know how likely that is at
>this stage of the Debian release cycle.

Getting the ticket closed soon is probably doable, but I dunno if "maybe 
getting into Debian" is enough to motivate me to do the release work. 
If someone else wants to volunteer to help with that, it'd be great.  Or 
if someone can say "Release by December 12th and it will be included in 
Debian" then I'll do a release by December 12th.


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