[Twisted-web] 100% CPU; what are my options?

Andrew Bennetts andrew at bemusement.org
Sun Jan 3 02:32:02 EST 2010

Leif K-Brooks wrote:
> - EPollReactor
> Omegle currently runs at close to 100% CPU for most of the day, and

100% CPU with epoll sounds like <http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/ticket/2809>,
which was fixed in Twisted 8.0.0.  Which version of Twisted are you using?

> - I've looked at my code pretty closely, and it doesn't seem to be
> doing anything particularly inefficient, but are there any tricks I
> might be able to use to increase performance? Tweaking settings, etc.?

Run it under a profiler.  You can't know where the time is going if you
don't measure.  Guesses about this sort of thing are usually wrong, so
measurement is vital.


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