[Twisted-web] help on handle... methods

Werner Thie wthie at thiengineering.ch
Wed Feb 10 14:33:49 EST 2010


it's of course nice to have an 'all and everything showing' IDE which 
even let's your refactor things throughout whole libraries with a few 
keystrokes but in Python I've never seen such a thing at work. (Please 
enlighten me if there is such a tool)

On the FOSS side you'll find Eclipse with Pydev (I'm currently working 
with it) on the top of my list, I certainly used SPE which is quite an 
effort on its own and very useable and also little tools like PyCrust. 
On the commercial side I have experience with the ill fated VisualPython 
(plugin for the MS family of dev tools), Komodo through all it's 
incarnations and I must confess I never worked with Wings IDE.

So for me it's definitely Eclipse with Pydev (FOSS edition) but as we 
learned way back in the seventies when we had line editors and dumb 
ASCII terminals: Never ever discuss sex, religion and editors!

HTH, Werner

Catonano wrote:
> Dear wwwjfy,
> 2010/2/9 wwwjfy <wwwjfy at gmail.com <mailto:wwwjfy at gmail.com>>
>     Hi,
>        1. You can find it in handleEndHeaders, which decides to call
>     method 'handleStatus_' + status if the method exists.
>        2.3. These two method are called in method rawDataReceived in
>     class HTTPClient, which is HTTPPageDownloader's parent.
>        I think you can grep all source files of twisted to find most
>     answers if you don't know where is one method called. :)
> Thank you so much for your help. I found those methods and even verified 
> that I would have found them with grep ;-)
> Now, since you made me feel embarassed  ;-)  , I want to write a few 
> words about why I didn't try myself in the first place.
> I self learned with the Squeak Smalltalk, when I was 17. Then I used to 
> work in Java, but with VisualAge, that was a Smalltalk IDE applied to Java.
> So now I am spoiled, I expect to be able to find parent classes with all 
> their methods arranged in a nice GUI with the methods represented as 
> bullets that, if clicked, make appear the method code in a frame.
> In Smalltalk code pieces weren't even written in files.
> Grep really didn't come to my mind :-(
> Now that you lighted this bulb to me, I am flabbergasted at how the code 
> editing situation sucks, outside of my Smalltalk enchanted world.
> I found these methods, but I can't see which class they belong to, I 
> have to scroll to the class definition, then scroll back to where I 
> were, but I tend to get lost in the process.
> Now I'm trying to draw the classes tree I'm interested in on a paper 
> with a pencil.
> I mean, how is this possible ? Do you people really work this way ?
> Thanks, anyhow, for your help.
> Bye
> Catonano
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