[Twisted-web] Copying Nevow features into Twisted Web (was Re: Status of divmod-dev list?)

Werner Thie werner at thieprojects.ch
Mon Dec 20 01:37:31 EST 2010

I've quite a few very active projects based on nevow/athena, (operating 
at 100k hits/day) dubbing nevow/athena as 'a large pile of aging 
JavaScript' sounds like it's going to be thrown overboard and simply 
does not credit who's credits are due.

Just to stir the pot, with a broad userbase and still having 30% of the 
users sitting at IE6, nevow/athena is THE single bidirectional framework 
which deserves this name and spans everything up to the most recent 
implementations although there are some bug fix reviews outstanding in 
the for me important part of attaching/removing elements.

In my opinion there is nothing really comparable to nevow/athena out 
there (may be node.js is slowly evolving in that direction) adoption of 
RIAs is painfully slow, people are content with 'search proposal' type 
pages and take it for granted that every highly interactive browser 
based app is Flash driven.

Writing RIAs was what fed me for last few years so if nevow/athena is 
going to be flushed count me in as able to host it on trac/svn


On 12/20/10 3:06 AM, exarkun at twistedmatrix.com wrote:
> On 01:15 am, foom at fuhm.net wrote:
>> On Dec 19, 2010, at 7:25 PM, Glyph Lefkowitz wrote:
>>> Currently the plan is to move the resource model [..]
>> You're kidding, right? :(
> I think "resource model" is a pretty vague way to explain the plan (the
> next phase of the plan is actually to identify specifically (and _write
> down_) what should be copied into Twisted Web).  Here are some specific
> things that Twisted Web should adopt from Nevow:
>    - locateChild
>    - Deferreds in Resource lookup
>    - Deferreds in response rendering
>    - Something like `NotFound`
> Probably some other things too.  Are these the things about "resource
> model" that make you sad?  Or did the phrase conjure something else?
> Jean-Paul
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