[Twisted-web] Strange Guard Behaviour

Federico Tomassini federicotom at yahoo.it
Fri May 8 20:49:13 EDT 2009

Hello alls,

I have a particular (a little bit difficult) scenario and
something is not working as I think, can't understand why.

I'm launching, in the same process, two guard`ed application:

   A ~> localhost:8080
   B ~> localhots:9090

Running Apache and depending by the requested segments, I
proxy the request to A or B (fqdn is always the same and
under https).

In particular:

   if segs[0] == 'foo':

If I do:

   1)  I login A (not anonymously). All works.
   2)  With the same Browser, I login to B (not anon).
       All is working.

Now, making the following requests, something strange happens:

  * https://fqdn/foo/bla/bla/

    the B resource is (correctly) returned.
    Apache is proxing the request to B.

  * https://fqdn/

    the request is (correctly) forwarded to A... but
    the B resource is returned!

  * https://fqdn/some/url/here/ (some <> foo)

    the A resource is returned, Apache proxing
    (correctly) to A.

I'm really blue, because I can't understand the
different behaviour between "/" and "/notfoo/".
Apache proxies to A, but in the first case B
is returned, in the second, A is returned.

Note that:

  - cookieKey is different for the two resources
  - I'm sure, reading apache logs, that requests
    are correctly proxied.

Do you have some idea?

thank You

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